Finding Pictures for Blog Posts


When I first started blogging I had no pictures in my posts. I didn’t think I needed them- I cared more about my words than the way they looked. I also had no idea where to get photos from. If you’ve had issues finding pictures for your blog posts this is for you.

1) Take Your Own- People always say that you should take your own pics. But how do you know precisely what pics you need? If you’ve been blogging long enough you know a certain type of picture is what you need. For me, it’s always pictures of notebooks or technology. Play it safe and take a picture of anything that looks appealing if you think you can use it in your blog posts.

2) Death to the Stock Photo- Subscribe to stock photo sites and you’re certain to get monthly collections of photographs. I love that Death to the Stock always has a theme for their collection.

3) Picjumbo- Picjumbo gives photos every few days and they occasionally allow you access to their premium packs. Their photos are of high-quality and always have a theme depending on the time of the year.

4) Canva- There is no end to what you can do with Canva. Use it to create social media banners, blog posts, infographs or printables.

5) Picmonkey- Picmonkey was the first experience I had with pictures and editing. It was definitely my favorite. Edit your pics to make you look like a vamp, create a colourful picture or customise a card. All you need to join is an email address.

How do you get pictures for your blog?

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