I don’t attend webinars. The idea of sitting still to listen to someone over the internet reminds me of a virtual classroom. Sure there’s always interesting webinars on writing or social media but they’re either scheduled at an extremely inconvenient time or I don’t have data (story of my life). Yesterday a member of the Her Campus Blogger Network- now called the Influence Her Collective- invited me to a webinar on gaining your pageviews. I attended but honestly it was more to support the blogger than anything else.
The webinar was hosted by Morgan, the blogger behind Mostly Morgan. It was super-informative. I was delighted to learn more about SEO (which I knew nothing about) and promoting your blog. Morgan made several helpful points. I also loved that her webinar was at such a reasonable hour (8PM South African time instead of 2AM like most webinars).
I’m so glad I attended and I will definitely be paying more attention to webinars from now on.

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