Why You Should Take Advantage of Office Hours

Office hours…those ridiculous times that lecturers like to list to pretend that they’re available. Like we care.
But despite me not caring about office hours 99% of the time, there’s no denying that office hours are invaluable. Here’s why:


1) Your lecturer gets to know you- personally I don’t like the idea of my lecturer getting to know me. But if you want a letter of recommendation or help on an assignment, it’s helpful to have a lecturer in your corner. Knowing your lecturer outside of the classroom also allows you to expand your professional circle. (*Sends LinkedIn request*)

2) You gain a greater understanding- most of my meetings with my lecturers were to discuss assignments or concepts that I didn’t understand. One meeting that was especially valuable was when my lecturer ran through concepts quickly with me. It amazed me how easily he explained everything and how easily I was able to understand.

3) You gain more help- The day of my driver’s test, I missed my last Criminology lecture as well as the scope for my exam. My lecturer was more than willing to meet with me to give me the scope and tell me what she was looking for. Since it was my first year at college and I had no idea how to write an essay, that was a really productive session.

4) It’s the lecturer’s job- okay this is a stupid reason to attend office hours but hey lecturers are around to help you! If you can’t ask a question in class, pop in to visit your lecturer and ask them in private.

Some of my greatest learning has been done in offices. Whether it’s learning to write an essay, revising assignments or going through concepts to make certain your understand it, office hours are a great tool for college students.
Do you make use of office hours?

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