I did an article for Her Campus where I tried sleeping for eight hours each night. You can find the article here.
Since completing that experiment I strongly believe in eight hours of sleep a night. It makes waking up in the mornings easier, I find myself more prepared to work than nap at campus. Now I’m not saying that I don’t nap because the truth is that I’m incredibly lazy and yes I do need my naps.
But instead of being unbearably tired and unable to function, I know it’s simply the effort of travelling to campus (I leave home at 6AM) that makes me tired. I am able to do the work I need to do and I don’t fall asleep in class(something I’ve had a serious problem with in the past).
That being said, if for some reason you absolutely cannot make it for eight hours, keeping a regular bedtime is just as good. Your body adjusts and starts to realise when it should be getting ready to sleep and when it should wake up.
Have you ever tried sleeping eight hours a night?

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