I don’t know about you but each time I’m excited for a semester, there’s always that one class that ruins everything. Last year it was Translation and this year it’s Research Methodology: Criminology.
What makes this module so intimidating is that it involves graphs and statistics (stuff I suck at). Granted the majority of my fear stems from the fact that I don’t know what to expect but the entire course is terrifying. Here’s how to deal with a difficult class.

1) Speak to your lecturer- most of my fear comes from not knowing what is expected or from not knowing if I’m able to cope with the workload. Speak to your lecturer one-to-one and explain your concerns. Sitting down and talking through the module can help you decide if you really can or can’t manage with it.

2) Meet with your lecturer regularly- if the module is compulsory it helps if you meet with your lecturer to go over concepts you find difficult. When my Translation lecturer found out I was anxious about her class she made certain to check with me often to see if I was coping (I was fine but her thoughtfulness was much appreciated anyway).

3) Work on your own- Do the readings or work out the problems before the class. This way you’re exposing yourself to the work an extra time and you can ask for clarification while in class. My Translation seminars and lectures were less terrifying when I engaged with the material beforehand.

4) Look for extra help- when I first started at campus I had no idea how to write an essay. I did a module that taught students how academic reading and writing worked but I failed at my first essay. Thankfully there were people in campus who specifically helped students with essay writing. Look for opportunities such as these where you’re able to get the additional help you need. It’s a tiresome effort but so worth it.

What are your tips for dealing with a difficult class?

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  1. SO important! Last semester, I had a wholeeeee bunch of difficult classes which makes every other semester (where I’ve only had one or two) seem so much nicer in response :p
    great post! xo,

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