College Tips for Commuters

For the longest time (until my cousin went to college which was when I was sixteen), I had assumed that everyone lived at college. No one told me about commuters. Even today, not much is said about college commuters. The college experience is different for a commuter. There’s different expenses such as travel instead of groceries or you’re stuck with no place to go to between classes. Here are a few tips if you’re a commuter student.


1) Budget- As a commuter you may pay for gas or public transportation to get to campus. It’s important that you have money set aside for this which is why you should budget. For me personally, transport is something my parents take care of but we always make sure there’s money set aside for it.

2) Do work during campus hours- Travelling is tiring. When you get home all you want to do is sleep. Save your precious nap-time by doing most or all of your work on campus. This ensures that your time away from campus can be spent doing something that isn’t related to campus.

3) Pack snacks- This is very important. Whether it’s because you miss breakfast due to your early commute or you simply spend ages at college, pack snacks to ensure you don’t get hungry. Bringing snacks from home also means you don’t have to spend money every time you need a nibble.

4) Make friends in your classes or through your commute- When your time is divided between campus and home, making friends can be difficult. Introduce yourself to the person next to you in class or the girl who takes the same bus as you. You guys will already have one thing in common (The long commute or the equally long class).

5) Download ebooks- Whether it’s recreational reading or your college textbooks, try as much as possible to buy ebooks. They take up less space and won’t hurt your back. As a commuter you don’t have the luxury of being able to pick up textbooks from your dorm room so this solution works great!

6) Be prepared… For anything- there’s no predicting the weather so carry a jacket with you at all times as well as closed shoes. It’s always amusing to me when people walk in heels and are then attacked by rain. (I’m not a bad person, I swear! They just make for a really funny sight).

7) Wear comfortable shoes- Can you imagine the horror of wearing shoes you can’t walk in and then having to suffer the entire day? I can (because I’ve done it before) and it is not fun. Be sure that your shoes are durable and comfy. You’ll probably be in them a while.

Are you a commuter? What are your most tips for surviving college? I’d love to know.

One thought on “College Tips for Commuters

  1. Gail says:

    Great post! I hate commuting alone so it was one of my must-dos on the first day of college to find people who lived close to me.

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