I’m Dying (of Stress)

Last week Friday two very important things came to my attention.
1) I had two assignments due on the same day
2) One of those assignments was actually a test for which I needed a textbook…that I did not have.
Now I’m more than willing to take responsibility for that. Since last year’s class never needed a textbook, I assumed ours was optional. It wasn’t.
So immediately I photocopied the relevant chapters (there were nine by the way) and planned to memorise them before this Thursday (ie less than a week).
I sacrificed my weekend and never went anywhere or did anything without those chapters.
I ate with them. I chilled in bed with them. I even attended a family gathering with my highlighter and notes at my side. I should have known something was wrong. The university is forever changing their mind or doing anything and everything to make my life difficult.
Right after I asked my mother to please copy down the summary of each chapter, the lecturer announced that he would only be testing us on four chapters.
I was pissed. Still am. I’m sleep-deprived, anxious, tired and stressed all because he gave us the wrong chapters initially to learn. Honestly I have no words to describe how annoyed I am.
Yes it’s less work but I could have had a freaking weekend (hello, Rihanna) if he had just spoken up sooner.
This is my last week at campus but omg it’s so damn hard. I can’t sleep at home, I can’t stop sleeping at campus. We’re behind in both of my modules and I have to stress for that upcoming test.
Someone remind me again why I wanted to come to college?

2 thoughts on “I’m Dying (of Stress)

  1. Sophie Ollis says:

    Life can get on top of us sometimes and, for me, the best thing to do in this sort of situation is take yourself out of the mess. Find a quiet place somewhere (preferably in nature) and sit and breathe. That’s all. Just do that for a few moments in solitude and quiet. You’re alive. You’re well. You’re safe.

    • ShaniceSingh says:

      Hi Sophie. Thanks for visiting. That’s so true. On the way to my class I saw that the weather was so beautiful and so once my class was over I just spent some time soaking it in. It’s so rare that we get to appreciate these little things in life

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