Why You Should Consider Self-hosting Your Blog

It’s been two months since I took the leap and bought myself a domain and hosting. Once the initial thrill wore off though, I was incredibly proud of myself. Self-hosting with Elitehost.co.za has been such a pleasure (but we’ll get to that some other time). Self-hosting is a great idea for several reasons.


1) You have greater control over your blog- You can have ads (and control the ads that appear on your page) as well as write sponsored content which some blog hosts don’t allow.

2) Plug-ins galore- there’s a plug-in for everything. Stopping spam, managing SEO, Pinterest, torturing your jackass ex. Okay that last one is still a work in progress but there’s no end to the amount of fun stuff available for a self-hosted blog.

3) It looks more professional/People take you more seriously- sadly people tend to find self-hosted blogs and their bloggers as more serious about blogging. I hate this stereotype (especially since I know so many great blogs that aren’t self-hosted) but it’s difficult to combat. Also I kinda like seeing co.za in my blog url (does that make me sound as vain as I feel?)

Is your blog self-hosted? Why or why not? Feel free to let me know if you need more information on hosting. I’m happy to (try and) help.

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