The first time I ever got a book hangover, I was 13 and the book was “Breaking Dawn”. I was young so I had no idea why I missed the book so much and my feelings made no sense to me (or anyone else). Now I’ve gained more book-hangover-experience and can deal with it (sort of). Here are my tips for dealing with a book hangover:


1) Have a back-up book(s): Always have a book or books that you want to read once you’re done with your current read. This way you can easily jump into another book-world instead of sitting around and moping when your book is finished.

2) Binge-read an entire series: For me I find a sure way to NOT suffer a book hangover is to read an entire series. This is especially helpful if you’re reading work by an author who is known for giving her readers hangovers.

3) Write about it: Writing about your feelings on the book may help you feel better. I usually go on a Twitter or Facebook rant about my latest read and my friends and followers have accepted this small bit of strangeness.

4) Check the internet and social media for fan-art and fanfiction: This is great if you’re reading a really popular book or series. Tumblr is great for fan-art and other genius pieces of work by fans.

How do you get over a book hangover? What was the last book that gave you a hangover?

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