I love the Kindle app so much that I have it downloaded on both my tablet and my phone. It’s a super-easy way to always have a book with me and I love always having a book to read. Here are some of the reasons why I always carry a book with me:

5 Reasons Why I Always Carry a Book With Me


1) To cure boredom: I love that when I’m bored all I have to do is open the Kindle app and voila, instant entertainment. I have atleast twenty unread books so there’s always something to read.


2) To escape into another world: I love being able to escape into a bookish universe whenever it suits me. I can visit Hogwarts on the way home from campus or spend a few minutes in Creepy Hollow while my mum is shopping for groceries.


3) To help deal with my stress: I get stressed so easily it’s ridiculous. Reading usually calms me down which is why I always carry my tablet (longer battery life) to campus.


4) To get away from social gatherings: Loud crowds of people make me anxious. It’s less noticeable to sneak in a few words every now and then (people always have their phones with them) instead of sitting with an actual paperback (which then prompts the “why are you being so anti-social” conversation?”)


5) To make progress with my reviews: One cannot be a book reviewer without reviewing books and one can’t review books without, you know, actually reading the books. Reading on the Kindle app every chance I get allows me to make significant progress on the books I’m supposed to be reviewing.

Do you carry a book every place you go? Do you prefer print books or ebooks?

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