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During my exams I found some great Netgalley reads. Sadly I didn’t get enough time to finish them since I’ve been spending time with family over the festive season. So my December TBR is more like a 2017 TBR. I hate the idea of going into 2017 with books from the previous year but it can’t be helped. Here are some of the books I’m hoping to finish before 2017 or in the first week of 2017:


1) Hard Hitter by Sarina Bowen- I love Sarina Bowen’s writing and novels. There’s something so real about them and you can’t help but fall in love with the characters. I don’t remember much of what this book is about (I read the synopsis a while back but I want to go into this book completely free from any spoilers).

2) Gilded Cage by Vic James- when I just think about this book, I get butterflies. I’ve seen it on Booktube and I can’t believe I managed to get it

3) Bookish Ever After by Isabel Bandeira- This book follows the story of a bookworm who uses her favourite books as a guide for her love life. I felt like this book was about me so I can’t wait to get back to reading it.

4) The Duke by Kerrigan Byrne- This is a historical romance and I love historical romance so enough said.

What books are you hoping to finish before 2016 ends? I’d love to know below.

5 Tips For Writing a Cover Letter

I posted this before but I’m sharing again for anyone who needs cover letter help for the new year.


1) Personalize your letter for each application- even if you’re applying for the same position at different companies, it is important that your cover letter is tailored for each company. For example, your application for a fashion magazine and a newspaper should each mention what you could bring to the specific company and position.

2) Try to stand out- Standard introductions are boring. Remember that the person reading your letter goes through several other cover letters as well. Try to stand out in your letter to get their attention. For example, instead of starting with “my name is x and I am applying for y”, start with something out of the box like a quote or motto that you believe in.

3) Do not write an essay- a cover letter that is succinct is more successful that a three – page – essay.  Ideally a cover letter should say who you are, what you can bring to the table and briefly list your experience or qualifications for the job.

4) Show what you can bring to the job- I’ve stated this before. This is just to emphasis it. The company has hundreds of applicants. Obviously everyone wants the job. Obviously they have something to offer. But what do you have? Stellar social media skills? Writing experience? Show that you stand out from others with your unique skills.

5) Stick to the format- a cover letter is just that a letter. So stick to the usual format of a letter. Don’t know the format? Google it! And remember to ensure that you have no typos. Nothing spells unprofessional easier than a badly-formatted, typo – riddled cover letter.

How to Find Time for Reading in College

Since this is a college lifestyle and book blog, it just made sense to combine the two in a blog post. Making time to read in college is difficult especially if your classes requires tons of reading for them. However I am stubborn and nothing, not even my education will stand in the way of me and another fictional universe. Here are my tips on making time for reading in college:


1) Use reading as a reward for your boring work- I hate some of the books we have to do for English so I balance it out with a chapter of a novel that is interesting. I usually read much faster when I know that there’s a book I’ll actually enjoy, waiting for me.

2) Read in between classes- Carry a book with you to read in your free time. I never read in high school because I had no time but carrying a book a day to campus made reading so easy for me.

3) Buy an eReader- Some people have really strong opinions about eBooks but I find them quicker and easier to read than print books. College is also when my ereading began.

4) Read a chapter before bed- When college gets really stressful and I’m unable to read on campus at all, I read for a while before bed. Just make certain that it’s only one chapter and you don’t end up staying awake until just before your 8AM class.

How do you find time for reading in college?

Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

FangirlFangirl by Rainbow Rowell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book and was incredibly sad when it ended. This story begins with Cath moving in to her dorm at college. Things are frosty between her and her twin sister, Wren. While Cath is freaking out about leaving her father alone and all of the changes that college may bring along with it. Wren simply moves on with her new life at college. And Cath is not a part of this new life. While Wren parties and makes new friends, Cath refuses to leave her room and buries herself deeper in her fanfiction writing.
I could relate to this story as I also struggled with college at first. I especially enjoyed how much Cath and I were alike. Cath is a fangirl and it is her fanfiction that gets her through life. Atleast that is how it has always been until now. I loved the character of Levi. If I was the kind of girl who swooned, he would definitely make me swoon.
This was a cute light read that I would definitely recommend. I thought the characters were well-written, the writing was funny and I really liked the illustrations displayed on the inside cover of the book.

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How to Make Time for Reading

As a bookworm, few things upset me more than someone telling me they have “no time” for reading. There’s always time for reading. ALWAYS! It’s just that sometimes finding the time is difficult. So here are my tips to help ensure you always manage a chapter a day.


1) Have a specific time for reading- when high school started being difficult for me, I stopped reading. The only time I read was during the holidays or a chapter before bedtime. Having a regular routine helped me to get back to reading. Yes, a chapter a day is painfully slow but something is better than nothing.

2) Carry a book with you- be it a paperback or an ebook, carry a book so that you can read whenever you have the time. I have a Kindle app on my tab as well as a epub reader and they’re both full of books. Always having a book with you allows you to read anytime anywhere.

3) Don’t push it- if you’re finding it impossible to read a certain book, move on to another. Life is too short to waste on books that don’t excite you. Reading is supposed to be fun not something you HAVE to do (unless you’re a college student and I can’t help you there).

4) Choose a book you’ll like- if you like romance, you might not be interested in the latest murder mystery. Choose a book you know will interest you. You can even read the book that your favorite movie was based on. The Harry Potter movies are so much better for me now that I’ve read the books. I’m obsessed.

If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. This is very true for reading. There’s always time for a book and making the time is so worthwhile. Why wouldn’t you want to travel to different world’s? What are your tips for making time to read?

This is Where It Ends

I’m hours (five hours to be exact) away from writing my final paper as a college student. I know I should be focused on the paper but all I can think of is “How did three years pass so soon?”

It seems like only yesterday I was preparing for my matric finals and here I am hours away from my college finals. Time really does fly.

I’m dreading having to see family over the festive season and deal with the “What are your plans for next year?” questions but omg I can’t believe I’m here!

Also, once exams are over I hope to have proper blog posts lined up.

Fiction Friday: Book Review- Raven (A Creepy Hollow Story) by Rachel Morgan

Raven (A Creepy Hollow Story)Raven by Rachel Morgan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had my doubts about this book since a) I couldn’t really remember Raven from the Creepy Hollow series and b) I didn’t think any other character in Creepy Hollow would make a impact on me the way that Chase did. I decided to just read a few pages to see what I thought of the book and I was instantly sucked in.
Raven comes from a very wealthy family and is “practically royalty” according to her mother. What Raven’s parents don’t know is that Raven has a close (and forbidden) friendship with Flint, one of the guards.
When Raven is caught in the middle of a dangerous murderous plot, Flint is the only one around to help her.
This is a really fast read and I loved getting a look at a completely different part of Creepy Hollow. I would love to see more from the upper classes of Creepy Hollow.
I didn’t like Flint as much as Chase (will I ever like anyone as much as Chase? Doubtful) but I thought he was a great character nonetheless. I especially enjoyed seeing Tora as a kid. I would love if the next Creepy Hollow novella was about her.
This is a quick but entertaining read that fans of Creepy Hollow will love!

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November Book Haul

I usually do my book hauls at the beginning of the month since I only buy books from the SPCA booksale. This month however, things were very different.

I did go to the SPCA booksale as usual and since Bargain Books was nearby, I popped in for a visit. I came across a section marked “on promotion” with pretty much every book I ever wanted. I literally stopped to hold a few of the books. The books didn’t have prices on them but the saleslady told me that they were all R69 each. So I bought a few. Bye-bye birthday money.




Then there was the review copy of “Heartless” that Pan Macmillan sent me. I also got a copy of “The Unknown Journey” by S K Sewmungal.



My copies of “A Court of Thorns and Roses” and “A Court of Mist and Fury” by Sarah J Maas were delivered from Readers Warehouse. I already read these books but I really wanted print copies. They’re so gorgeous!

How cute is the magnetic bookmark? I NEED more
How cute is that magnetic bookmark? I NEED more


My dad took a week off from work so I decided to drag him back to Bargain Books so that I could get the remaining books in “The Mortal Instruments” and “The Originals” series. If you can’t tell, I came home a very happy bookworm.



I swore off books for the rest of the year. But then Exclusive Books had a sale for Cyber Monday- R199 for six to eight books. I don’t shop at Exclusive Books at all because their books are so expensive but this sounded like a really good deal. And it was SO worth it! One of the books I had in my mystery box was “The Chemist” by Stephenie Meyer. I was really interested in reading “The Chemist” but didn’t really like the price so this is so perfect!



What was your book-haul for November? Have you read any of the above books? I’d love to know below!


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