Is anyone surprised that I have to resort to a book ban? (I don’t think so). Does anyone think I’ll succeed? No, neither do I.

So what is it?
A book buying ban is exactly that- a ban on buying books. The idea is to get you to read the books you own before you purchase any new ones.

So far my efforts have been going pretty well (do books from publishers count? I don’t think so since there is no money exchanged and obviously these books need promotion. I volunteer. It’s cool. I’m sure my TBR understands.)

Why is it?
I have more unread books than read books and since my bookshelf is primarily arranged by unread books and read books, this is causing space issues in my house. There’s books on the lounge shelf, book son the spare room shelf, books in the lounge, books in boxes, books in my room, books on the floor. BOOKS EVERYWHERE (It sounds nice but really my house looks a book special edition of Hoarders).

How is it going to work?
My typical reading schedule/TBR consists of 4 books a month so that I am able to write a review a week for the blog. So every month I am going to set aside atleast 4 books to read. Review copies take priority but since I usually request less than 4 books a month, I will be reading review books first followed by books I own. So far this method has been working out pretty while. Since I am reading review copies followed by books I own and listening to Audible, I’ve been able to get a large amount of reading done.
The goal is that when atleast one bookshelf of mine is cleared, I can start buying new books again. Books bargains are great but I have also found a kind of joy in browsing all my stacks of books and finding a book that is JUST RIGHT for whatever mood I am in.

Have you ever tried a book-buying ban? Did you succeed? I’d love to know below.

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