I was going to start blogging again (those words sound fake even to me) but somehow time seemed to always get away from me.

Today was our Secret Santa at work and I got a really cute Harry Potter notebook. See pic below.

So I was minding my own business, flipping through this notebook when our Social Media Manager mentioned to me that this book would be excellent for me to start writing again. Firstly I hadn’t even thought of writing in this book. But then she said “it’s been over a year since your last post.”

I didn’t know how she knew that (but she was a little creepy like that when it came to our social media accounts) but I was stunned to realize she was right. It had been a year (possibly more) since I last created blog content.

So I know this isn’t actually proper content and is just a “I’m back” post but I’m back. I’m going to start posting more regularly. I’m done with my studies for a while so I really feel like I can commit to blogging again.

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