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There are no words to sufficiently describe my joy at this moment!

I FINALLY have a writing job. It’s unpaid but it’s remote and for a brand I strongly believe in. I have actually been trying to get this job for eight years so I am so excited to finally have the title of writer for this publication.

I don’t want to say any more because I am so scared I’ll jinx it but I just had to share!

After ten years of writing experience, two internships and six years of trying to get a writing job, I am super-thrilled for this next chapter.

Life Update: I Just Got Put on a Diet

If you ever told me I would have to go on a diet for health reasons, I would have accepted it. I knew my eating habits were bad and I would probably have to go on a meal plan at some stage. However I expected that to atleast be in my thirties.

So imagine my shock when my dermatologist suggested that I might be insulin-resistant. And the even bigger shock when I found out that yep, my insulin levels were high and I needed to cut out sugar and carbs.

You know how they say you don’t know how strong you really are? Yeah, well it’s been four weeks exactly and I’ve been doing relatively well. I have been having carbs now and again (maybe once or twice a week) but for the most part, I have been sticking to the meal plan.

I’m pretty excited to actually see some (really small) changes.

I cannot wait to see what the results look like in another 4 weeks.


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