1) Would you do a blog button swap?

Yes! I would be more than glad to display your blog button( I have an unhealthy obsession with blog buttons. They’re just so damn cute!)


2) Do you accept guest bloggers?

Yes! I love writing online and would love to help writers get a space to display their work. I do not however pay for guest posts.


3) What is your blog about?

Everything and anything besides the kitchen sink(coz kitchen sinks are icky and normally very full of dishes. Gross). I blog about fashion and tv shows, books and college, pretty much anything really.


4) Why ‘Playground of Randomness’?

When I wanted to start a blog that focused on more than what fandoms I liked, I was told that I needed to choose a niche. I just couldn’t. I knew a blog of mine had to be about more than one thing because I had a short attention span and there was no way that I could stick to writing about just one thing. Since I’ve always been told that I was random, I knew that ‘random’ had to be in my name. And a playground is a fun place- something I wanted my blog to be. So POR just seemed like the best name.