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Here is a link to some free printables I created for college a while back. They include a master to-do list as well as a daily to-do list. Have fun with them and save them if possible because I will be deleting the site that they’re stored on soon!

Book Review: The Faerie Prince (Creepy Hollow #2) by Rachel Morgan

The Faerie Prince (Creepy Hollow, #2)The Faerie Prince by Rachel  Morgan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh. My. GodI can’t even get over how the first book tore my heart into shreds. I was hoping that this book would make it all better. And it kinda did. Violet is ready to graduate and she’s becoming friends with Ryn again. Everything seems great. Except there’s still secrets that Violet knows nothing about. This book has a cliffhanger ending so you have to have the next book ready and waiting. I love the unique plot and world-building in these novels. Fans of fantasy will love this book.

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Fiction Friday- Book Review: The Faerie Guardian (Creepy Hollow #1) by Rachel Morgan

The Faerie Guardian (Creepy Hollow, #1)The Faerie Guardian by Rachel  Morgan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I found a copy of this book online on Smashwords. I’m not going to lie- I had incredibly low expectations simply because the book was free. Except it is absolutely amazing.I love the world-building. This is such a different book. It’s intriguing, it’s mysterious and it is impossible to put this book down! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. I thought the romance between Nate and Violet was a bit forced but Nate was a sweet character.This may not deal with the same supernatural creatures but this is my new Harry Potter.

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Book Review: Faelorehn (The Otherworld Series #1) by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

Faelorehn (The Otherworld Series, #1)
Faelorehn by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a great read but it ends just when the plot is at a peak (for me anyway). I also wish that the high school students weren’t such pains in the ass but that is how high school students are. (God I really hated them in this novel).
Meghan has eyes that change colour, hears voices and has the ability to predict the future. She’s accepted the fact that’s she’s weird but doesn’t know why. Until she meets Cade
Cade introduces her to a world of Gods and Goddesses, magical creatures and mythology. But Cade has mysteries and secrets of his own.
This book was slow at first but it was amazing when it picked up. My biggest issue is that this is a series that needs to be read all at once.

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How to Cope with a Difficult Class


I don’t know about you but each time I’m excited for a semester, there’s always that one class that ruins everything. Last year it was Translation and this year it’s Research Methodology: Criminology.
What makes this module so intimidating is that it involves graphs and statistics (stuff I suck at). Granted the majority of my fear stems from the fact that I don’t know what to expect but the entire course is terrifying. Here’s how to deal with a difficult class.

1) Speak to your lecturer- most of my fear comes from not knowing what is expected or from not knowing if I’m able to cope with the workload. Speak to your lecturer one-to-one and explain your concerns. Sitting down and talking through the module can help you decide if you really can or can’t manage with it.

2) Meet with your lecturer regularly- if the module is compulsory it helps if you meet with your lecturer to go over concepts you find difficult. When my Translation lecturer found out I was anxious about her class she made certain to check with me often to see if I was coping (I was fine but her thoughtfulness was much appreciated anyway).

3) Work on your own- Do the readings or work out the problems before the class. This way you’re exposing yourself to the work an extra time and you can ask for clarification while in class. My Translation seminars and lectures were less terrifying when I engaged with the material beforehand.

4) Look for extra help- when I first started at campus I had no idea how to write an essay. I did a module that taught students how academic reading and writing worked but I failed at my first essay. Thankfully there were people in campus who specifically helped students with essay writing. Look for opportunities such as these where you’re able to get the additional help you need. It’s a tiresome effort but so worth it.

What are your tips for dealing with a difficult class?

Book Review: The Wild Hunt by Ron C. Nieto

The Wild HuntThe Wild Hunt by Ron C. Nieto
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I found a free copy of this book on Amazon. Honestly I only read this because of the guy on the cover. Yes, I was interested in the plot but I was supposed to be reading for college until the cover distracted me. Oh well.Lily goes to visit her (strange but lovable) grandmother. However her grandmother’s usual eccentric ways have now become downright crazy. Or is Lily the one losing her mind? Items in the house keep disappearing and reappearing and Lily sees things that aren’t there. However it isn’t long before Lily discovers she isn’t crazy. No, she’s simply meant to be a faerie doctor like her gran. Her now missing gran. Lily struggles to fit in this new world she’s thrust into but she has no way out. Her grandmother’s safety depends on her. Lily joins the mysterious Troy as they search for answers as to what really happened to her grandmother. I thought this book was so intriguing with the different kinds of fae and the two different fae courts. I don’t know much about fae so this was such an adventure to read. Of course the chemistry between Troy and Lily certainly didn’t hurt matters either. This book will entertain any lover of fae and fantasy.

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Why Do Contemporary Romances Promote Cheating?

I absolutely adore contemporary romance. They capture perfectly the emotions of falling in love. Recently however I’ve noticed that several of my cherished novels involve cheating or almost cheating (ie flirting or leading someone on when you’re clearly in a relationship). Off the top of my head some examples are: Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door and This Raging Light.
Maybe I’m simple-minded but it just seems to make sense to break up with someone when you no longer feel a connection with them. My friend, Vincent broke up instantly with his girlfriend of a year and a half (we were all devastated) when he realised that the feelings he once had for her was gone.
In the abovementioned novels, someone is always in a relationship. Yes it may not be a great relationship(in Anna and the French Kiss, St Clair hasn’t seen his girlfriend in ages and in Lola and the Boy Next Door, Lola’s boyfriend is a jerk) but that doesn’t make it okay.
Maybe Someday- an excellent novel by Colleen Hoover- tells the story of two people with an incredible connection…but the guy is already in a relationship and refuses to break up with his girlfriend. Yet despite that he is unable to let his feelings for the other girl go or even let her date other guys.
I get that in the world of this novels, there’s a reason this behaviour is okay -it’s dramatic, it drives the plot, etc- but it worries me what if people think “hey if person xyz can do it, why can’t I?”
Think about it. How often have we seen the cliché story about the girl crushing on the guy with the mean girlfriend? And why is it okay? Shouldn’t the fact that someone is in a relationship mean that they’re off-limits?
I certainly wouldn’t want my boyfriend going around and flirting, almost flirting or even connecting with someone while we’re still together. The decent (albeit painful) thing to do would be to have a clean break.
What do you think of contemporary romance stories with cheating or almost cheating in it?

Why You Should Try for Eight Hours of Sleep a Night

I did an article for Her Campus where I tried sleeping for eight hours each night. You can find the article here.
Since completing that experiment I strongly believe in eight hours of sleep a night. It makes waking up in the mornings easier, I find myself more prepared to work than nap at campus. Now I’m not saying that I don’t nap because the truth is that I’m incredibly lazy and yes I do need my naps.
But instead of being unbearably tired and unable to function, I know it’s simply the effort of travelling to campus (I leave home at 6AM) that makes me tired. I am able to do the work I need to do and I don’t fall asleep in class(something I’ve had a serious problem with in the past).
That being said, if for some reason you absolutely cannot make it for eight hours, keeping a regular bedtime is just as good. Your body adjusts and starts to realise when it should be getting ready to sleep and when it should wake up.
Have you ever tried sleeping eight hours a night?

Movie Review: 50 Shades of Black

Is a movie really successful if it hasn’t been made into a spoof?
And a Wayan brothers spoof is like the king of all spoofs.
“50 Shades of Black” made such an impression on me that I think I might prefer it to the original.
This movie is almost a scene-by-scene parody of “50 Shades of Grey” and had me roaring with laughter.
From references to the original movie and it’s movie to original lines that kicked ass, this movie is my new favorite.
I really hope there’s going to be a “Fifty Shades Darker” spoof. This movie is like “Scary Movie” on crack.

Why Your Blog Needs a Business Plan

Laptop and books

Whether you’re blogging for fun or to make some extra cash, you NEED a business plan. It’s like a road map for your blog and it’s so helpful!

Why I Created a Business Plan
The first person to take my blog seriously was my uncle. He was also the one who suggested I draw a business plan. I thought he was crazy because why did I need a business plan? Except I did. My blog was a mixture of book reviews, college posts, fashion and me ranting about stuff. My blog needed direction. Creating a business plan helped me decide precisely what I wanted out of my blog. As a result I was rewarded with greater opportunities and page views.

Why You Should Create a Business Plan Too
Creating a business plan allows you to see where your blog is and where you want it to go.
By writing everything down you’re able to see if there’s any gaps or mistakes you’ve made and how to rectify them. My business plan allowed me to see that I knew nothing about stock photos and if I really wanted to be taken seriously as a blogger, I needed more content and less “me using my blog as a diary”.
I strongly suggest that you create a plan regularly to ensure that you’re on track with your plan. I revise my business plan every three months just to keep it fresh and relevant.
The business plan of someone blogging for fun will obviously differ from the plan of someone blogging to make money but you can see how to create a business plan here


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