I found the below in my drafts and thought to share it. The below was a drafted blog post probably sometime in 2019. Why is this relevant? Because I remember t the excitement of getting called back for a Marketing or Editorial role. I also remember the sole-crushing disappointment whenever one of these roles didn’t work out. What I didn’t know at the time of writing was that just a year later, in 2020, I would get my first Marketing role. I would write copy and learn advertising. And eventually, I would go on to get my dream job.

By the time this post goes live I may or may not still be working in the call center (who am I kidding? I’m pretty sure I’ll never leave but anyway).

So it’s been a few months since the horrible dream job rejection. Since then I’ve applied for tons of jobs in my field. I have zero expectations of being hired. However these job applications were not going the way I would have expected.

Some are far more successful than others. Some have resulted in zero feedback. Some have resulted in rejection emails. And some have resulted in pretty positive responses.

Here’s the thing though. I didn’t expect to have any kind of response. I’ve been job hunting this entire year for something in my field and recently for anything with an increased income (unfortunately for my family, the company my dad worked at, has closed). I got zero responses. This last batch that has people responding to me has given me some little bit of hope.

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