Dear Me

To begin with, let me say how proud I am of you.

It’s an odd statement to make especially to one’s self but we always said we were too humble and too tough on ourselves. So today I’m saying it. I’m proud of you and you should to be.

2019 has not been an easy year both personally and professionally.

It would be all too easy to give up and just settle. It would be easier to stay in one place and cry instead of trying to move on.

But not this year. You pushed on and on. From that disastrous magazine interview to the much less disastrous data capturing test, you continued pushing no matter what.

In fact it could be argued that your situation is so awful, so desperate that you can’t help but try again and again.

So I’m here to remind you. There will be other jobs. Other job interviews. Other opportunities to screw up or succeed at. Whatever the end result is of this, do NOT let it change the person you are.

You’ve been through enough that you do not need something else to cry over.

And that’s another thing. Though it may hurt to be stuck in that hell again, remember one thing. It is this misery that keeps pushing you to try again and again. Things in life happen for a reason and though you may not realize it at the time, there is a reason for even the most awful of events.

Once upon a time you dreamt of being called in for an interview. Now you have to juggle and choose which one you’re attending.

A small step forward is still a step forward.

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