Salary is great. You can buy pretty shoes. You can go to nice places. You can get through the month without dipping into your overdraft or swiping your credit card. But a decent salary isn’t the only thing that matters when you’re looking for a job. Here are 6 benefits besides salary to look for in a new job.

1. Medical Aid:

This is actually the first thing that I look for in a job and the reason for that is I am a person (in perfectly good health) who really uses her medical aid. I use it for blood tests, optometry, the dentist and visits to my GP where I explain to him that I have bad PMS and he just passes it off . Fun. Seriously though, medical aid is totally unnecessary until you actually need it. To me it’s just a really expensive way of ensuring that when I do get sick, I am able to get proper care.

2. Paid Time Off:

I didn’t think of this as a benefit until I joined my current job which offers 21 leave days. That is practically a whole month. Are there other companies doing this? I need to know. Paid time off is important to ensure that you take care of yourself and avoid burnout.

3. Work From Home:

Again, something that I didn’t think was a benefit until my current role. Work from home, especially if you are an introvert, means less commute time and more time to spend with your family. You might be willing to settle for a role with a lower salary if it is a WFH role (since you save costs on commuting, food and other in-office costs)

4. Training and Professional Development:

A business that believes in investing in their employees is definitely one you want to join. Training and professional development benefits both you and the business so if you come across a business that values this, it’s an automatic green flag.

5. Flexible Work Hours:

As an insomniac, flexible work hours are my favourite thing. You’re telling me when I can’t sleep at 3AM, I can work??? This might sound unhealthy to many but hear me out. If I am wide awake at 3AM and I know I can get work done, why shouldn’t I? It beats me sitting at my desk at 2PM, trying not to fall asleep because I have a deadline to hit.

6. Work Equipment:

Companies that provide their staff with work equipment bring me so much joy. This is another way of a company investing in you and showing that they want you to be able to do the best that you can do. Companies often provide computers or routers for their staff which helps ease costs. Bonus points if you throw in a back-up power supply. Eishkom for who?

What are some benefits that would make you consider a lower salary? I’d love to know below.

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