Seven Lies by Elizabeth Kay

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve been having trouble paying attention to books (thank you, TikTok. Again).
Jane and Marnie have been best friends since high school. They tell each other everything. But when Marnie falls in love with a douchebag, Jane doesn’t admit that she hates him.
But this small lie eventually snowballs until Marnie moves in with and then marries the pretentious ass.
Jane wants to see her best friend happy but why him? (I asked myself this several times over the course of this novel. Marnie’s husband is a slimy pig. Never have I ever hated a fictional character so quickly).
Eventually, Marnie’s husband (sorry, he is not worth remembering. Not even for this review) dies and Jane feels guilty. Maybe if she had spoken up sooner things would be different.
Like I said before, I absolutely loathed this man. So hats off to Elizabeth Kay for making him so hateable.
This was a really well-written book that I read in one go. This was such a rollercoaster of a novel but I loved every second!

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