Shopping Black Friday deals online instead of in-store means you get to avoid the crowds and the rush. You can start shopping as early as midnight and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home. If you’re planning to shop online this Black Friday, here are a few tips to help you make the most of the experience:

1. Shop Websites that You’re Familiar With

Black Friday is not the time for you to start shopping with a new retailer. Stick to businesses that you know and trust. Also ensure that the website itself is secure. To check this, make sure that the link starts with “https” and has a locked symbol in the URL bar.

2. Ensure your Password is Strong (and original)

It’s easier to use the same password for every site but that also makes it easier for hackers. Before Black Friday, set up online accounts for the stores you want to buy from. If you already have accounts, change the passwords to something strong and difficult to guess. Make a note of this new password the old-fashioned way- in a book.

3. Check that Your Devices are Secure

Make sure the security software on all your devices is up to date. That way if you start your shopping experience on your pc or laptop and then move to your cellphone you know no matter where you shop from, you’re safe.

4. Think About the Offer Before Giving Your Details

Sales generally have us throwing all away all sense of caution. Black Friday is no different. Before finalizing your purchase, think it through. Does the deal sound too good to be true? Are there any red flags? You’re safer without the item than risking a scammy purchase.

5. Be Cautious About What You Click On

Pay attention to pop-up ads or social media ads. Ensure that when you click on a link, it’s for a legitimate site as well as a site that is secured.

Will you be shopping Black Friday in-person or online? Let me know below.

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