There’s a saying I see posted pretty often on LinkedIn. It’s “In your job you should either learn or earn”.

That next year was going to teach me ALOT!

I was picked to run a new campaign. I say picked but basically the girl who was originally supposed to do it was moved to another team while the back-up girl that the HOD chose couldn’t do it because of some sort of red tape. The next choice was me. Honestly for someone who had been with the company for less than a year, it was a pretty big deal. All this just because I was the second fastest capturer.

If I was a little more cynical (the way I am now), I would have wondered if the role would have gone to the other capturer who was smart enough to befriend management (looking back, that is probably exactly how things would have went). Nonetheless, I was sent for training to be Sales Support for a loan campaign.

But I was young and naive and I didn’t expect my co-workers to turn on me. They were really discreet about the way they did it.

From the girl who was supposed to be the second choice for this campaign to the lady who working in the department for the longest time, everyone made snarky comments to me about how I couldn’t do the job because I was not used to speaking on the phone.

Eventually the pressure got to be too much for me and then I admitted to my manager that I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do the job. I felt like she didn’t hear me. She didn’t acknowledge what I said.

And then she spoke to someone from another team and asked them to make me do “Call-outs”.

“Call-outs” were simply calling customers to confirm their delivery address and availability. Key word being “call”.

I still remember the girl who sat with me and explained what I needed to do. She looked at me like I was stupid. Nothing against her. But the second she explained that I would need to dial out, my brain stopped working. I could only stare at her in horror.

For the next hour, I called strangers, willing them not to pick up the phone. Only 4 people answered the call. The rest went to voicemail. But it was terrifying for me to listen to the ringing and wait, hoping it would go to voicemail.

Fast forward a little while later, I was still in awe of Customer Care. So my manager moved me to them to learn how to answer emails, social media queries, Live Chat queries and eventually she had me assist with answering calls.

All this in the span of a single month (May).

The new campaign started at the end of July. But when I made my first call (with my manager and her manager standing behind me), I was perfectly comfortable.

It’s interesting that one of my greatest moments of growth stemmed from a bunch of people telling me that I couldn’t do something.

Lesson Learnt- DO NOT listen to others. Do what YOU feel is right. You know yourself best.

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