Back in 2022, my manager suggested that the team try out a “No-Buy Year”.

Instantly we were all horrified and refused.

But she raised a few really good points. We all had items that we would buy in excess even though we didn’t actually need it. Books, sneakers, clothing, skincare items- everyone had a guilty pleasure. Eventually we all picked out own version of the No-Buy.

My version was for 6 months- no books, no accessories and no toiletries unless I had completely run out.

The first weekend was the most difficult. Every few minutes I would think “I should buy X” and then remember that I couldn’t. By the end of the first two months, I had gotten used to my No-Buy.

I cut down to weekly coffee as opposed to treating myself every time I felt sad. I learnt to deal with my emotions with exercise or journaling instead of shopping.

My hack was that everytime I thought I needed something, I would check my room for it first. I found unused earrings, belts, skincare items that were never touched, brand new nail polish. This made it easier for me to not buy things since it seemed like I had an entire mall in my bedroom.

By the time my 6 months ended, I had adjusted.

I hadn’t realised how bad my shopping habit was. It has been 16 months since I started my No-Buy. I still haven’t needed to replace my skincare items or toiletries.

Since I work from home, I don’t buy coffee as often anymore but I do treat myself to ONE new (sale) book a month.

The No-Buy was a huge help for me. I definitely think it is something that everyone should try.

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