Most days I cannot believe my job. I cannot believe I work in Marketing. I cannot believe writing is considered something you can do as a job. I cannot believe that I am listened to because I have a “voice” and “a story to tell”. It amazes me that I work in an environment where some days I am setting up goodie bags for staff and other days I am drinking vodka at a fancy bar. It is just bizarre. It also amazes me that I didn’t have to change myself for my lifestyle. I was just me and I fell into this amazing life. I found this post that I wrote many years ago, complaining about people judging other people’s life decisions.

I haven’t forgot how I had to fight for my job for years. I had to fight to write. It was considered a waste of time. I had to fight with family who thought I was wasting my life by taking a call center job (i.e the first place to hire me) and then staying there for years (something I did because no one else would hire me). I had to fight to study- the Marketing courses I wanted to try out were incredibly expensive but my dad was kind enough to lend me the money. I paid him back as soon as I could.

But even with all out that, I took my oddball ways and made it a part of a career I love. And that is something that I do not take for granted.

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