On Brand: Shape Your Narrative. Share Your Vision. Shift Their Perception. by Aliza Licht

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Finished this last night and all I can say is I wish I had a print copy (for some reason I can’t find a print copy to purchase in South Africa).
I got a review copy of “On Brand” from Netgalley and I was so thrilled. I loved “Leave Your Mark” and have been waiting for years for Aliza Licht to release a new book.
“On Brand” is the bigger sister to “Leave Your Mark”. While I read “Leave Your Mark” as a uni student in her final semester, reading “On Brand” was like the prep you need for the corporate world.
Who better to advise us on personal branding than DKNY PR GIRL?
This book was incredibly informative but be warned, you WILL need a notebook of some kind. If you’re a new graduate or if you’re just looking to refresh your personal brand, definitely pick this up.
(Personally I am of the opinion that personal branding is for EVERYONE and this book is a great guide for you).

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