Have a bookish bestie? Need a birthday gift for them? Here are 5 ideas for gifts for the bookworm in your life


  1. A Kindle (or another newer Kindle if the bookworm already has one)- For those who don’t mind eBooks, Kindles are beyond amazing. You can store tons of your favourite books and read them on the go. I would gladly sacrifice my firstborn for one. (Kids just get in the way of your reading anyway).
  2. Book vouchers- I’ve never been gifted with a book voucher and this makes me sad. But if you give the bookworm in your life a book voucher, know that they will appreciate it immensely. It’s like you bought them a book but you let them choose the book (which is also another idea).
  3. A book- Okay this one is obvious but still a goodie. If you’re not sure what books they already have, go with treasured boxset. Like the pretty Harry Potter ones with the matching spines. Swoon.
  4. Bookmarks- Some bookworms really like bookmarks. Personally I always lose mine but I appreciate them nonetheless. Exclusive Books and Bargain Books have some really great bookmarks.
  5. Cash (so that they can buy books)- nuff said.

What gift suggestions do you have for a bookworm? What’s the one gift you always wanted? I’d love to know below.