Bookworms have different reading tastes. Some prefer fantasy or YA while others only read non-fiction. However hardcore bookworms are on another level. Here are a few problems that only hardcore bookworms can relate to:

1) Not having enough book space:

Excuse me while I just make a random stack of books here in the middle of the room. Please don’t trip over my babies.


2) Not having enough money for books- especially when there is a sale:

Can I just get a I.O.U? (Why are there always sales when I have no money?)
3) Making the decision between books or adulting:

Do you really need food? Because you could survive on sandwiches for the rest of the month just so you can finally read that new bestseller everyone is talking about. C’mon. You know it’s totally worth it.
4) Paperback vs hardback:

Paperbacks are more comfortable to read but hardbacks look so gorgeous on the shelves. Is both an option?
5) Having an endless TBR but still needing more books:

You need to get new books just so you’ll have something to read when you finish your TBR pile

no more books

6) Falling in love with a fictional character:

We all know boys are better in books.

book boyfriends

7) Mourning the death of a fictional character:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows almost killed me. Like it killed several of my favourite characters.

8) Not being able to function in The Really World after you finish a book:

Like after reading a Sarah J Maas. How can you live in a world with no faeries or wars? What do you DO with yourself?

9) Having someone tell you “It’s just a book” when a book tears you into a million shattered pieces:

Shut up, okay! You know nothing, you callous non-bookworm-person! This book is my life.

book hangover

10) Trusting someone enough to lend them a book only to get in back in awful condition…or worse, not at all:

Do NOT get me started on how many times this has happened to me. This is why I don’t lend out my books anymore. Insensitive non-bookworms!