Every bookworm knows how difficult it is to find space for books. Here are my tips to save space on your bookshelf so that you can buy books without worrying about where you’re going to keep them:

1) Store your books horizontally- I don’t know the science or logic behind this but somehow I can store more books horizontally than vertically. If you don’t mind not having access to some books (ie, the ones at the bottom of the pile), stack your books horizontally.

2) Utilise the space near your ceiling- if you have space near your ceiling you should be able to store books there as well.

3) Mix and match genres- I would love to have a shelf dedicated solely to one author or genre. Unfortunately I cannot afford that space or cost. Instead my shelves consist of “read” and “unread” books which are then divided into sections depending on genre. This makes it easier for me to find the book I need while still using as little space as possible.

4) Get rid of books you don’t need/read- yes this option hurts me as well but think of how much joy your books could bring to someone else. I usually donate my books to a charity where they sell it. It’s a win-win. Someone buys your books and you’re supporting a good cause.

5) Play book tetris- books come in different sizes so you sometimes an unusual gap in your shelf can be used to store a book (or three).

What tips do you use to save space on your shelves? I’d love to know.