The Monster by L.J. Shen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Throughout the Boston Belles series we all saw how Aisling had a huge crush on Sam for whatever reason while he treated her like something he found stuck on the bottom of his shoe. “The Monster” delves deeper into this crush and their background together.
When Aisling manages to sneak into Sam’s club despite him banning her, the result is an encounter that has lasting repercussions on both of them.
But both Sam and Aisling have their own demons and it isn’t long before their secrets threaten to tear apart both their worlds.
I really enjoyed getting a better look at Aisling’s inexplicable crush on Sam. I always saw her as a poor, sappy schoolgirl and “The Monster” really fleshes out her character.
This book was compelling and I couldn’t stop reading. I was torn between waiting to make it last as long as possible (I don’t know when the next L.J Shen book releases so I wanted to savor this one) and finishing it and finally getting some answers.
L. J Shen is brilliant with her spellbinding romances and this is no different.

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