I am ridiculously skilled at finding cheap books. Is it because I’m a bookworm? Is it because I’m a shopaholic? I don’t know! However I am going to share some of my tips on finding great books on a budget:

  1. Shop around- Lots of bookstores have the same book but at totally different prices. If there’s a title you really want, check a few stores to compare prices before you buy.
  2. Shop the sales- Ah, bookstore sales. Few things make my heart race faster than a book sale. Well, maybe working out does. But there is nothing that can compare to the joy of being at a book sale and then finding the book you have wanted for ages. (Oh, hello there, Memory of Flora Banks for just R35)
  3. Check discounted bookstores- Guys, I don’t know how this works but I desperately need to know. Bookstores like Bargain Books and Readers Warehouse have some really cheap books in excellent condition. I don’t know how they do it but my wallet and my bookshelf are both very grateful.
  4. Shop secondhand- Lots of secondhand bookstores and book sales have books in great condition. My favourite source of secondhand books is the SPCA. They have books in pretty good condition at really great prices.
  5. Check the library- If you’ve been here long enough you know that I hate my local library (don’t ask, it gets me upset) but it is a great source for reading material. Atleast it is if your library is up to date and the librarians are not awful like my local library.
  6. Trade your books- Okay, so I don’t know if we do this in SA but sometimes people get together to trade their books so they can give away what they don’t want and get something that they do. This is a great way to maintain your shelves and your budget.
  7. Borrow from a friend- I listed this option last because I am not a lending person and I know a few bookworms who are the same. If you are lucky enough to have someone lend you a book, please take care of it. It is only decent manners to do so.

What are some of the ways that you manage to get books on a budget? I’d love to know below.