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Why I Love Typo

Since the very second I walked into my first Typo store (February 2015), I’ve been obsessed with them. Here’s why:

1) Their stuff has fun sayings such as this cute little notebook


2) Typo has great organizers. This one is a daily organizer that you can use to keep track of what you want to get done in the morning, afternoon and evening as well as a more general to-do list, a budget tracker, meal planner and a shopping list.


3) Typo has cute products. I absolutely adore their pens. Look at those patterns! The pen right on the top looks just like a pencil.


4) I love their notebook covers as well as their variety of notebooks.

How cute are these???

5) Their notebooks have a section for you to hide letters (or worksheets)


6) Their sales!!!
I’m pretty sure the “Things to Do” notepad pictured above was about R20. (If not it was just really cheap and I’ve been using it for well over a year).

Do you shop at Typo? What’s your favourite product?

Dorm Room Organisation


How many times have you struggled with your million pairs of shoes? Or tangled your necklaces because they all simply lay in a heap?
Today I will be talking about simple and easy way to store and organise stuff in a small room.
Most dorm rooms are small- as is my bedroom- and a small space for a shopaholic is torture. Nonetheless I’ve figured out a way to store all of my stuff and still have my room looking decent.

1) Box It Up
The easiest way to store something that isn’t currently in use is a box. Choose one in a cool pattern so it adds to the room. Boxes can be used to store shoes, bedding and anything else that you want to keep hidden out of sight.

2) Ottaman/Window Seat
Storage ottamans are amazing. Now I’m not sure if you can fit one in a dorm room(I definitely have no space for one in my room) but it’s always nice to have. It’s part seating-plan and part storage-facility. Super-useful and effective.
A window seat is pretty much the same but unlike a ottaman, cannot be moved.

3) Hooks
Hooks are great for hanging necklaces, hats, bags and belts. Put a few on the inside of your wardrobe for easy access to your accessories. It’s a quick and easy solution.

4) Jewellery Dresses
I love love love jewellery dresses! They have spaces for necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. They also fit easily into your wardrobe if need be. They can also be hung from hooks attached to the wall.

5) Cupholder
This sounds insane but a cup holder is great for storing bangles. Cupholders are also larger than regular bangle-stands.

Do you have any useful storage tips of your own?

Free Printables (for a limited time)

Here is a link to some free printables I created for college a while back. They include a master to-do list as well as a daily to-do list. Have fun with them and save them if possible because I will be deleting the site that they’re stored on soon!


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