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November Book Haul

I usually do my book hauls at the beginning of the month since I only buy books from the SPCA booksale. This month however, things were very different.

I did go to the SPCA booksale as usual and since Bargain Books was nearby, I popped in for a visit. I came across a section marked “on promotion” with pretty much every book I ever wanted. I literally stopped to hold a few of the books. The books didn’t have prices on them but the saleslady told me that they were all R69 each. So I bought a few. Bye-bye birthday money.




Then there was the review copy of “Heartless” that Pan Macmillan sent me. I also got a copy of “The Unknown Journey” by S K Sewmungal.



My copies of “A Court of Thorns and Roses” and “A Court of Mist and Fury” by Sarah J Maas were delivered from Readers Warehouse. I already read these books but I really wanted print copies. They’re so gorgeous!

How cute is the magnetic bookmark? I NEED more
How cute is that magnetic bookmark? I NEED more


My dad took a week off from work so I decided to drag him back to Bargain Books so that I could get the remaining books in “The Mortal Instruments” and “The Originals” series. If you can’t tell, I came home a very happy bookworm.



I swore off books for the rest of the year. But then Exclusive Books had a sale for Cyber Monday- R199 for six to eight books. I don’t shop at Exclusive Books at all because their books are so expensive but this sounded like a really good deal. And it was SO worth it! One of the books I had in my mystery box was “The Chemist” by Stephenie Meyer. I was really interested in reading “The Chemist” but didn’t really like the price so this is so perfect!



What was your book-haul for November? Have you read any of the above books? I’d love to know below!

My First Visit to Readers Warehouse



I remember my first visit to Readers Warehouse the way some people might remember their first boyfriends. To me, that was the moment that I fell in love. All my life I was told not to buy books because they were expensive and here was a place that sold them for ridiculously cheap prices.
It was December 2011 and I was in Johannesburg with family. Uncle George decided we should go to the lifestyle market which sounded pretty boring. So we looked at some plants and some waterfalls. And then I saw it. Nestled in a corner as if it in hiding, there was a bookstore. I was thrilled when we went in.
I was also thrilled when I found books for R50(at that time it would have been lucky if you found a book for R98. No one sold books for R50).
Eventually I ended up with a stack of books for R400 and the kind saleslady seeing the glee in my eyes (and the heap in my arms) got me a basket. I’ve never seen a basket in a bookstore before so that delighted me even more.
Unfortunately my uncle caught sight of me and made me leave a few books behind.
“You can’t take all of these.”
“Yes I can. They’re cheap,” I replied defensively.
He picked a few out that he thought weren’t age appropriate. Eventually we settled on eight books for R250. Still a great deal so I was okay.
In retrospect it was a good idea he stopped me since I ended up spending the rest of my money throughout that holiday.
Have you ever fallen in love with a bookstore? I’d love to know! You can find out more about Readers Warehouse and their bargains by visiting their site here.

Their stores are only in Cape Town and Johannesburg but you can order online. We all know that book mail is the best mail.

How to Save Money on Books


1) Join a library: Joining a library gives you access to hundreds of books without having to pay a cent. The only problem is that you can only borrow a certain number of books for a certain period of time. My local library doesn’t allow that many renewal and their staff is pretty rude so I don’t go with this option but for the rest of the libraries with genuinely helpful staff this is an excellent idea.

2) Buy books second-hand: Second-hand books can sometimes be in pretty good condition (which makes me question HOW are you selling such great books?) and they have such amazing prices.

3) Buy eBooks: eBooks are usually cheaper than print books. Amazon also has great Kindle reads that can be bought for FREE.

4) Join Readers Warehouse as a book reviewer: If you review books for Readers Warehouse you earn a small amount in Readers Warehouse vouchers. These vouchers can be used to order books from the Readers Warehouse online store (which just by the way, is ridiculously cheap).


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