The Blue Salt Road by Joanne M. Harris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So previously I had never heard of “The Blue Salt Road” and since I hate trying anything new. I hardly ever try new authors/books.
Except I came across a hardcover copy that belonged to a co-worker and the illustrations were oh so pretty.
So I decided to give this book a go and I most certainly did not regret it.
“The Blue Salt Road” tells the story of a selkie who decided to explore the land despite the warnings against it from of his own kind. They tell him that the people on land will kill him if they come to know of his true nature.
But naturally he ignores his family and friends and goes on land regardless. He soon meets a female and is attracted to her. They spend a few nights together and she soon falls pregnant with child.
The female decides to trap him and steal his memories to bound him to her.
While this was a really well-written story, I was convinced that it was going to be a love story so that twist left me speechless.
Which was fine because lots of other twists were on their way too. The whole book is totally unexpected however I loved it.
If you’re a fan of fantasy, definitely give this a go.

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