The Dating Dare by Jayci Lee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Tara Park and Seth Kim meet at a wedding, there is an instant attraction between them. They try to ignore it- both of them are carrying baggage from previous relationships and know that anything between them is a bag idea. However after a drunken night together and a game of Truth or Dare, Tara and Seth come up with the idea of spending five dates together before Seth moves away to Paris.
Their dates will remain a secret between the two of them and when it’s over, they both move on with their lives.
But as time goes on, their dates do not go as plan and they soon start developing feelings for each other.
This storyline was super cliche but I loved it regardless. Tara and Seth are too cute together and I was rooted for them since the first very page.
If you enjoy romance novels, definitely give this one a go. I enjoyed this book immensely and hope to read more.

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