You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Naomi and Nick are the perfect couple. At least that’s what they want their friends and family to think. In reality though, they can barely stand each other. Neither of them want to call off their upcoming lavish wedding and be left with paying the bill.
So Naomi comes up with a different suggestion. She would make Nicholas so miserable that he would have to choice but to call off the wedding.
But it looks like Nicholas has a game of his own and when he moves them to a house in the middle of the woods, Naomi is forced to confront her own deep-seated fears and issues regarding their broken relationship.
This was a really cute novel. At the start I truly hated Nicholas and actually wanted to stop reading because he seemed so annoying but I persisted and eventually he redeemed himself in my eyes.
I feel like I really saw the characters grow throughout this novel which was fun considering the way they started off (i.e barely tolerating each other.
This book is definitely worth a go if you’re looking for a fun, light read.

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