Fiction Friday: Book Review- 10 Things I Hate About Pinky (Dimple and Rishi #3) by Sandhya Menon

10 Things I Hate About Pinky by Sandhya Menon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When rebel Pinky Kumar is accused of burning down the family barn at a holiday (by her mother no less), she decides that she has had enough of her mother looking down at her and her eccentric protest ways.
She comes up with a plan to show everyone that even Pinky Kumar can find a “good boy”. Except Pinky Kumar doesn’t really know any good boys. So she calls in Samir Jha, a friend of a friend who is dull as can possibly be.
Samir has planned every second of his life. When his law internship falls through, he agrees to Pinky’s plan in exchange for the opportunity to work for her lawyer mother.
The two of them hate each other so pretending to be in a relationship might take a bit work. But they both get something out of it so it shouldn’t be that tough, right?
But as Pinky and Samir start to spend more time together to make their fake relationship look authentic, they both start opening up to each other and sparks begin to fly.
This reminded me alot of “When Dimple Met Rishi” but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
The two characters are polar opposites but surprisingly they work.
I strongly recommend this novel if you are looking for a light read.

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Fiction Friday: Book Review- Love at First Fight (Dimple and Rishi #2. 5) by Sandhya Menon

Love at First Fight (Dimple and Rishi, #2.5)

Love at First Fight by Sandhya Menon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Love at First Fight” sets the scene for a romance between Pinky Kumar and Samir Jha. However I was just in it to see my favorites, Rishi, Dimple, Ashish and Sweetie. It is so cute how Ashish is STILL so smitten with Sweetie.
“Love at First Fight” follows the group as they tackle an escape room for Valentine’s Day. Of course the couples are together, leaving Pinky and Samir on their own team.
I actually cannot stand Samir. He seems like a totally dweeb. However I also hated Rishi at first read and he grew on me eventually so I am willing to give the other weird boy a chance.
I thought the whole set-up of the couples were kinda predictable but I really liked seeing these characters again.
Sweetie is sweet. Ashish is madly in love, Dimple is still raging against her mother’s anti feminist ways and Rishi is still superstitious and believing in Fate (Seriously, HOW are these two together?)
This was a quick read that I devored. Personally I don’t think you need to read this before reading “10 Things I Hate About Pinky” but it’s a great chance to see the characters from the previous books.

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Fiction Friday: Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer (Twilight #5)

Midnight Sun (Twilight, #5)

Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was a major Twihard back in the day so purchasing this book was a must for me.
When I saw the size of the paperback (700 plus pages), I was a bit daunted by the size but convinced myself it was fine. It was Edward. I loved Edward. He was my first book boyfriend.
The synopsis was a bit over the top but again, it’s my book bae, Edward.
I opened the book and realized two things.
One- This was a really heavy book. Two- Edward has ALOT of thoughts. Like I used to think I was an overthinker but Edward put me to shame.
Incidentally reading this book calmed my anxiety (mostly), because with Edward doing so much overthinking, I didn’t have to.
I have mixed feelings about this book.
On one hand, WHY is it so big and WHY does Edward have so many thoughts?
However it was pretty interesting to see inside his head and hear his side of the story. Several moments from the book series and movie series make much more sense after reading “Midnight Sun.”
I definitely suggest you read this if you’re a “Twilight” fan. Just maybe a few pages at a time and maybe purchase the ebook instead?
There were several times I had to stop reading simply because the act of holding the book up was too much for me.
I’m not a fan of Edward’s thoughts or the size of this book. But by the last page, I was pretty disappointed that this was the last we would hear from him (although can you imagine how depressing “New Moon” would be from his perspective?)
Against my better judgement, this book had me hooked.

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Fiction Friday: Book Review- Again the Magic by Lisa Kleypas

Again the Magic by Lisa Kleypas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lady Aline has been in love with John McKenna since they were both kids.
However she is a lady while he works in the stables. When their budding romance is discovered, Aline is forced to make McKenna leave by lying to him that she never loved him.
Many years later, McKenna returns to the estate after having made his fortune in America. He is determined to extract revenge on Aline however it is clear that every after so much time, both their feelings have not dimmed at all.
I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read this book over and over again.
I love starting the Wallflowers series from the very beginning and seeing Westcliff’s background. This time was no exception. I finished this book and instantly started on the next one in the series.
I loved the pairing of Aline and McKenna especially seeing how they grow and evolve over time. This is a beautiful love story with a happily ever after that I enjoyed immensely.

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Handbag Essentials for the Coronavirus Pandemic

I used to hate leaving home. In fact I still do but the fact that I can barely go out to the mall without fear of bringing home the virus, makes me equal parts excited and exhausted. Excited because YAY I AM LEAVING THE HOUSE. Exhausted because leaving the house means packing a million different things in order for me to feel safe.

Here are my handbag essentials for the Coronavirus pandemic:

  1. Hand sanitizer: This one is obvious. I like to take my own sanitizer because sometimes malls and stores have the icky one that goes on all thick and goopy. No, just no. This also came in handy for the one time I went in to a store and there was no one there to sanitize me because the guard was too busy flirting with the cosmetics lady. Three days later, another branch of the store had to close because one of their staff tested positive for the Covid virus. You can never be too safe.
  2. Disinfectant wipes: I like to use these to wipe down my handbag and anything else like the car door handle. These wipes are a lifesaver if you came across the type of store that takes down peoples details and has everyone using the same pen.
  3. Backup mask: I rarely use my mask until I am in the car. Sometimes I find out that the mask I picked is too big or just doesn’t fit right. I carry a back-up mask just in case.
  4. Wallet with driver’s license, bank cards and enough cash if needed to tip guards: I prefer using cards so I don’t have to touch cash. However I remember way back before we had so many positive cases in South Africa (I think it was March), there was a female car guard who helped me with my trolley but refused to touch the packets. She explained that she had heard what was going on and would not touch my groceries. I packed the car, thanked her but made sure to tip her. I don’t know exactly how much a car guard takes home but it made me sad that she was probably losing her livelihood already due to the beginning of the virus.

What are your handbag must-haves? Is there something that I am missing? I’d love to know below.

Fiction Friday: Bookworm Buys

I have not spent as much time reading as I should. However the one bookish thing I do whenever I am not reading is scouring the internet and bookstores for great deals (both bookish and not bookish).

So I thought why not create a section here where I can share some of the deals I’ve found. Maybe someone would find something that interests them.

  1. Reader’s Warehouse has a special where you can buy two boxsets and get 25% off
  2. “Midnight Sun” by Stephanie Meyer is out! Bargain Books Umhlanga has it for R295. I went in-store to check it out and the book is HUGE! It actually looks bigger than “Breaking Dawn.”
  3. If you’re fine with venturing out in public, CNA is having a R20 sale. On some stores this applies to their cute stationary as well so definitely stock up if this applies to your nearest store.
  4. Not technically a sale but a bookish deal that you should not miss. “Awkward in Print” by Rachel Rhodes is $3.44 on

PSA: Check in on Your Loved Ones

lady in window

So in South Africa, we have been in Lockdown for about 4 months. While most of the city and businesses have opened, we are still technically not allowed to visit or spend time with family members.

Now I don’t know you or what your own rules are regarding the pandemic but here in South Africa, most people are breaking the rules.

If you are one of them or even if you aren’t, make sure that you are taking the time to keep in contact with your loved ones especially if they live alone.

While we have been assisting with doing shopping for both of my grans, once the spread increased, we stopped all contact so it’s been about a month or two since I’ve seen either of them.

Whether it’s a phone call, video call or a Whatsapp message, make sure you are checking on your family and making sure that they are okay during this trying time.

Book Review: Holding the Dream (Dream Trilogy #2) by Nora Roberts

Holding the Dream by Nora Roberts

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kate meets an old friend of her father and learns about her father’s shady past. Still reeling from this discovery, Kate is even more shocked when she is fired for suspected embezzlement. She has put her whole life into her career and now she is left out in the cold.
Kate decides to join Margo and Laura at their store, “Pretenses.” But as her stress levels slowly rise with everything happening around her, so does her attraction to Byron, the Templeton’s new employee.
Kate drove me crazy in this novel. While I loved her relationship with Byron it drove me crazy that she just accepted the embezzlement charges.
From the get-go it was clear who was behind everything but Kate was busy with her life (no Kate, you worked hard for this career, dammit) and unable to see it.
Besides that small but annoying itch, I enjoyed this book. I love seeing the Templetons together. I almost feel jealous of their beautiful home and luxurious lifestyle (Actually I probably do).
The embezzlement plot is probably my least favorite part of this novel but I really did like seeing how Byron and Kate came together.

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25 Life Lessons I’ve Learnt in 25 Years

On the 1st of July 2020, I unfortunately turned 25. I saw it coming but it was still a shock. When I imagined 25, I saw my life in a completely different direction. Nonetheless here we are. The damage has been done. The 25 years may not be what I expected but it has been a great learning experience.

Here are 25 life lessons that I learnt:

1) DO NOT tie your identity to your job

2) Money is important but it is not the MOST important

3) Surround yourself with those that you love

4) Network. You never know where it may take you

5) Also- always try something new. You never know where that might take you

6) Always carry a spare tire in your car

7) Ensure you have savings- for a rainy day, for retirement. Just make sure you have money available.

8) No matter your best intentions, life rarely ever goes as planned

9) Do NOT make decisions when you are emotional (unless those decisions are food-related like what to buy to make yourself feel better)

10) Also, do not make purchasing decisions when you are emotional

11) Leave work at work. There’s a reason you have “working hours”. And leave the office on time

12) If it doesn’t affect your pay, don’t let it affect your day

13) No, you do not need more books (but buying a few more doesn’t hurt anyone)

14) You don’t go to the gym to go to the gym. You go to the gym for the feeling you get after the gym

15) Take time out for yourself no matter how busy life gets

16) Keep moving forward (thank you, Disney)

17) Tea is always a good idea. So is any warm beverage

18) Live within your means. Live below your means if possible. This is especially relevant in the Corona era

19) Time is the most valuable resource and it’s one you can never get back. Use it wisely

20) Stressing about something accomplishes nothing (though in my case, it keeps my brain occupied so I allow it within reason).

21) It is always a good idea to learn a new skill be it work-related or personal

22) Not everyone is going to like you. You are not R100. Some people don’t even like R100 (I am one of these people. R100 disappears too quickly. R1000 is a good amount).

24) A car is a deprecating asset (and a damn expensive one) so there’s no need to pay a ton of money on an expensive model especially if you don’t have that money.

25) Spend more on quality in the first place so you don’t end up having to pay more to replace something cheap (like when it comes to repairs for the above deprecating asset)

What lessons have you learnt in your time on Earth? I’d love to know below!


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